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Experience Resort Style Living Rentals and/or Buying or Selling a Mobile Home?

Leading you to affordable housing solutions is our specialty. In these uncertain times, affordable home ownership is becoming increasingly hard to come by. Well, it's time for that to change. If you're looking to rent a lavish but affordable Resort Style Living experience and/or to buy or sell a mobile home in Michigan and other surrounding states, JT Essential Properties, LLC is ready to help!


Resort Style Living rental experience can be memories that last a lifetime and a home is still the best personal investment available to you! They provide shelter, a sense of pride, and joy! People should not miss out on this simply because most locations are out of their price range. Stop wondering how to to rent an amazing and affordable Resort Style Living experience and/or buy or sell a mobile home and let us assist you!

Our Purpose

To provide affordable housing solutions and/or to rent a lavish Resort Style Living experience for all! In fact, that's what we specialize in – mobile/manufactured homes and/or an amazing Resort Style Living experience! In most cases, people can own a home for less than the cost of a normal apartment rental, while still utilizing Resort Style Living experience for needed getaways! We know how many people don't know how to buy or sell a mobile home or rent a Resort Style Living experience, therefore we want to share our knowledge and experience!


These homes and/or Resort Style Living rentals experience range from starter models to high end luxury models. There's literally something for everyone, in every price range.


Many people start in a basic model, save, build/fix their credit and then move to a larger model or a single family home. Instead of paying rent, they now have an asset they paid cash to get or were able to pay it off in 4 to 6 years! All while still vacationing and creating memories and experiences, by simply renting an affordable Resort Style Living experience location!



Who we work with:

There are really three pieces to this puzzle, that all fit and work together in harmony. Each plays an important role in the journey of life.

Mobile Home Buyers – We help mobile home buyers find the right mobile home that's affordable for them. Many new home owners never thought they'd be able to purchase a home based on their financial situation. Buying a mobile home in Michigan or surrounding states that has never been easier!

Mobile Home Sellers – When mobile home sellers need to easily get out of their current home, we help them. This could be for a number of reasons including:

  • Job relocation

  • Death in the family

  • Fresh start

  • And countless other reasons

Let us show you how to sell a mobile home in Michigan or surrounding states and get you the money you deserve without the hassle of doing it on your own!

Communities – We help the communities where these homes are located keep their vacancy rates low and to attract quality residents, like yourself!

Resort Style Living Experiences:

Resort Style Living Owners - We help owners find a relatively stress-free way to let them rent out their locations and/or properties!

Resort Style Living Renters - We help renters find the right location that's affordable for them! Many people never thought they'd be able to rent an Resort Style Living location based on their financial situations. Renting an Resort Style Living location in Michigan or other surrounding states has never been easier!

Resort Style Living Myths:

Let's debunk some Resort Style Living myths before you learn more about how to work with us to rent vacation homes or accommodations near you.

1. Myth: Resort Style Living = Parties

Fact: Resort Style Living has also issued an anti-party policy, which penalizes visitors who break these guidelines. This is in stark contrast to other booking services, which enable visitors to book homes without creating an account and give little to no methods for guest verification.

2. Myth: COVID-19 reduced Resort Style Living's appeal

Fact:   When visitors want flexible rentals, Resort Style Living, particularly professionally managed ones, have proven to be the preferred alternative over hotels and resorts. With crowds becoming increasingly dangerous, individuals have begun to seek out other, more intimate escapes.

3. Myth: Resort Style Living is for international backpackers

Fact: Resort Style Living customers range from long-term business travelers to those looking for temporary housing due to house repairs, as well as those want to check out the neighborhood before relocating permanently. As remote work policies become more widespread, some people rent Resort Style Living to live and work from for a period of time.

Mobile/Manufactured Homes Myths:

Let's debunk some common mobile/manufactured homes myths before you learn more about how to work with us to buy or sell mobile homes near you.

1. Myth: They're unsafe

Fact: Manufactured homes are built entirely in a factory under controlled conditions and inspected per HUD's safety standards for design and construction, strength and durability, transportability, fire resistance, heating, plumbing, air–conditioning, thermal and electrical systems and overall home quality – the same as any single family home.

2. Myth: They're more vulnerable to storm, hurricane and tornado damage

Fact: Having the HUD code seal of approval ensures that a manufactured home meets regional standards for roof load, wind resistance, thermal efficiency, safety and durability.

3. Myth: They're less expensive because they're made with cheap materials

Fact: Manufactured homes are made with the same standard building materials as site–built homes. These homes are more affordable because of efficiencies in the factory–building process and not because of inferior materials.

4. Myth: They all look alike

Fact: While many manufactured homes are similar in shape and size, the same could be said of traditional ranch-style houses and cookie-cutter homes common in many new subdivisions. Manufactured homes provide consumers with a wide range of interior and exterior options. Some manufacturers even produce luxury models with hardwood floors, whirlpool baths, stonework fireplaces and walk-in closets.

5. Myth: Only low-income people purchase manufactured homes

Fact: Some people who could afford site-built homes choose manufactured homes instead. It's not unusual to find larger and luxury manufactured homes priced at $130,000 or more. Meaning, a new manufactured home on a private lot may prove less expensive than a new stick-built home in a similar area, depending on the neighborhood.

We Buy Mobile Homes

We buy mobile and manufactured homes in Michigan and other surrounding states, of all sizes and all prices ranges. If need to sell your mobile/manufactured home please contact me personally at 586-372-8131 or, or click here to learn more about how to sell a mobile home.

Life is long but unfortunately it is not promised, therefore sometimes a move is needed for a variety reasons. If you want assistance, we'll be happy to talk to you about your current situation and see how we can help you!

Once we get to know you, we help with your unique situation and figure out a planned solution that works best for all parties as most importantly, we value our partnerships!

Also, be sure to ask how we get you even more money by referring in cash buyers looking for homes like yours, this is a free service! 

Contact Us About Buying and Selling a Mobile Home and/or Renting a Resort Style Living experience

Looking to find an affordable home for your family? Contact us and set up a time to go over what you're looking for in your mobile home and/or if looking to have a Resort Style Living experience.

There are many programs to choose from including affordable and quick payment plans so you'll own the home in less time, typically in 2 to 4 years with 0% interest!

It's time to starting buying or selling a mobile home and/or renting a resort style living experience in Michigan and other surrounding states!

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